BBB 23: News-crime against Bruna Griphao for racism is archived by the Justice of RJ

BBB 23: News-crime against Bruna Griphao for racism is archived by the Justice of RJ

The 42nd Criminal Court of Rio de Janeiro filed, this Tuesday (21), the criminal notice made by lawyer William Faintych against actress and participant of Big Brother Brasil 23, Bruna Griphao. The decision was made by Judge Alessandra de Araújo Bilac Moreira Pinto.

According to the manifestation of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which asked for the archiving, Bruna had no intention, that is, the intention to make a comment of a racist nature.

According to the legal piece presented by Faintych, Bruna referred to the former reality participant, Fred Nicácio, as a “mourning vulture”, which would characterize a racist speech by linking the animal’s color to Nicácio’s skin color.

However, the comment was understood by the prosecutor Yan Portes Vieira de Souza as a criticism by Bruna Griphao of the alleged “opportunistic” behavior of the former BBB.

According to the prosecutor, the expression does not allude to the black color of the bird, but to its behavior of manifesting “mourning for a dead animal, approaching the corpse, ready to then eat its body”.

What happened?

The actress and BBB 23 participant was the target of a crime report in February for allegedly using a racist expression to refer to former participant Fred Nicácio. According to the indictment, Griphao would have referred to the doctor as “mourning vulture”.

Lawyer William Faintych claimed in the accusatory legal piece that such a situation may seem commonplace, but that it is not. According to Faintych, “the vulture is a black animal, and the moment of mourning refers to the same color. In addition, he pointed out that Fred Nicácio is an Afro-Brazilian man, which is why Bruna intended to make a racist comment”.

At the same opportunity, Faintych compared the episode to the persistent cases of racism suffered by the player Vinicius Jr., in Europe, in addition to the situation in which goalkeeper Aranha was called a “monkey” by rival fans, here in Brazil.

Until the publication of this report, both Bruna Griphao’s advisor and Fred Nicácio had not commented on their networks about the filing of the crime news.

Through Bruna Griphao’s Instagram account, the reality participant’s lawyer, Patrick Berriel, before the news that the procedure was archived, declared that anyone can report a fact to the authorities, but that there is a distance between a fact and a crime.

“Bruna had no intention of offending the other participant or discriminatory conduct. The defense informs that it will take appropriate legal measures, in the criminal and civil areas, for crimes of moral violence and moral damages”, said the defender in the actress.

Bruna’s social media administrators also used Instagram to demonstrate in support of the actress.

“Several times throughout the program, Bruna was hit with sadness that, definitely, is not part of her personal life and the conduct of her entire life. In situations with several participants, Bruna always referred to her game and was often attacked with her lines taken out of context and/or her image associated with attitudes that were not hers. We, as a team and family, as well as Bruna inside, all have a fair game ”, published the administrators.

(Posted by Carolina Farias)

Source: CNN Brasil