BBB 23: web cites another possible abuse and points out Globo’s delay in acting

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After the expulsion of participants from Big Brother Brasil MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato on Thursday night (16) after being accused of sexual harassment, several profiles on social networks rescued another case in which a participant from BBB 23 seems to be forcing contact physical with another.

Throughout this Friday (17th) posts with videos and images of the night in which Bruno Gaga repeatedly tried to kiss Gabriel Santana, went viral. Along with the messages in the videos, there were criticisms of TV Globo for not having acted to penalize or expel the participant in that episode.

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Some netizens also questioned whether the case between Bruno and Gabriel received less attention because they are two men from the LGBTQIA+ community.

The tweet below, published in February, at the time of the incident, circulated again on the network:

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A CNN sought out TV Globo to comment on the criticism and awaits positioning.

Expulsion of MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato

MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato were expelled from the reality show after the Jacarepaguá Women’s Police Station opened an inquiry to investigate sexual harassment inside the house.

Footage from the reality show’s cameras showed the two contestants attempting physical contact with Mexican actress and model Dania Mendez during a party held on Wednesday night (15). Dania visits Brazil in a kind of exchange with the Mexican program “La Casa de Los Famosos”.

At a certain point during the party, singer Guilherme Pinho, known as MC Guimê, had his hands on the Mexican’s back and slid them down. The actress took her hands away from him in a clear sign of disapproval. At another time at the party, he again tried to repeat the movement and was once again stopped by the actress.

In another moment, the fighter Antônio Carlos Júnior, known as Cara de Sapato, lies in bed with the Mexican, tries to kiss her and covers them both with the blanket, holding her body.

Then, standing up, he kisses the mouth of the program’s international guest. The situation was repeated at another time. Dania had no aggressive reaction in either situation. She pointed out, however, that she did not consent to the acts.

*Posted by Fernanda Pinotti

Source: CNN Brasil

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