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BBB 24 champion, Davi is shocked to discover the extent of his fame

David Brito the champion of BBB 24 was completely shocked to discover the extent of his fame outside of the reality show, during the Chat with Thais Fersoza It is Ed Gama .

At just 21 years old, the former app driver who won 60.52% of the votes in the final, It took him a while to process the information that his speeches inspired songs, memes and even fan tattoos.

Back in the real world, the winner was informed that the phrase “Calma, Calabreso” became one of the biggest hits of the Salvador Carnival.

Not believing what he was seeing, the Bahian looked shocked and couldn't control his laughter. “Carnival music, man?”, he further questioned.

When finding out how many followers he had accumulated on his Instagram profile, Davi recalled having created a new profile to join the program.

As soon as he saw that more than 9 million people followed him on social media, the champion was paralyzed again. “Desgram! My God…”, the boy said, unable to utter another word.

Check out David's reactions:

Source: CNN Brasil

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