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BBB 24: Davi calls Yasmin “useless” and explains why

Given the repercussion of the David when pulling Yasmin Brunet in the counterattack, in which he classified the model as a “useless player” the brother took the opportunity to explain himself to some of his allies.

In the Magic Room, the app driver sat down to talk to Isabelle who gave his opinion on the situation that occurred during the formation of the wall this past Sunday (03).

In the dancer's view, David's speech was not the best. “If someone asks me, 'Do you agree with the word?'. No, I don't agree. 'He's my friend, but I do not agree with that word, I think another could have been used”, said the sister.

“So you don’t lose your reason, too. Because that's what they expect from you. That you use these types of words, that you are always messing with someone, humiliating, belittling, with words that can humiliate and I know that you have another way of defending yourself” he added.

Afterwards, Davi stated that he had not humiliated anyone, being countered by Isabelle, who assured that she would feel humiliated if the speech was directed at her.

“But I think that I didn't humiliate anyone , no… I just used a word that is used in the game, here”, stated the participant. For him, Yasmin Brunet does not add anything within the confinement.

In conversation with Alane the app driver criticized the model's attitude when interacting with other people.

“You think you came here for a vacation. It doesn't do anything, it doesn't wash. Does she eat the brown sugar on the table and leave it for someone to take away? Picking up dirty pans? Leave it in the sink or on top of the stove for someone to wash? Do you think she has an employee here? came here to take a vacation”, he stated.

“That’s why I called her useless and I call again . She just knows how to put on makeup and put on her clothes to go up and down,” he added.

Davi claims that his relationship with Isabelle “grew cold”

When he was talking to the manauara, Davi was worried about the possibility that he and Isabelle were growing apart.

“You slowly moved away. You got more Giovanna (…) You get along more with the people there, the Michel with the Raquel “, he assessed.

“I know we have a friendship, but it's like you said, your love and affection for me goes beyond the curve of the game, but, like that, I saw that we cooled down a little, you know? And so, I still thought: 'Later, I'll talk to her'”, added the participant.

Happy to see that her brother brought up the subject, Isabelle even made him reflect: “I'm going to ask you a question. Could it be if it was me? Or could it be that if it wasn't you, that you've found people now, that you're talking even more, what would you really like to talk about?”

For David, that was not what happened. “There are two parameters there. Because then, you also like being close to Michel, Ráculo and Giovanna. It's just like, I also like being around you and you like being around me too. But I also liked the Alane of Matthew and from Beatrice . Normal. You like them too,” she justified.

Source: CNN Brasil

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