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BBB 24: Davi is the first Virgo to win the reality show; see full list

This Tuesday (16), David Brito won the Big Brother Brazil 2024 (BBB 24 ). With 60.52% of the votes, he became the youngest man to win the reality show among the 24 editions of the program.

The winner competed in the final against Matteus and Isabelle, but did better and won the majority of votes.

At 21 years old, Davi is Virgo and managed to be, in addition to being the youngest to win, also the first person of this sign to win the reality show.

Until then, Virgo was one of the two signs that never won Big Brother Brasil. Now the only Zodiac position without a winner is Capricorn.

Check out the complete list of Big Brother Brasil (BBB) ​​winners' signs:

  • BBB24: Davi Brito – Virgo;

  • BBB23: Amanda Meirelles – Aries;

  • BBB22: Arthur Aguiar – Pisces;

  • BBB21: Juliette – Sagittarius;

  • BBB20: Thelminha – Scorpio;

  • BBB19: Paula von Sperling – Scorpio;

  • BBB18: Gleici Damasceno – Pisces;

  • BBB17: Emily Araújo – Leão;

  • BBB16: Munik Nunes – Cancer;

  • BBB15: Cézar Lima – Scorpio;

  • BBB14: Vanessa Mesquita – Aries;

  • BBB13: Fernanda Keulla – Gemini;

  • BBB12: Rafael Cordeiro – Sagittarius;

  • BBB11: Maria Melilo – Sagittarius;

  • BBB10: Marcelo Dourado – Taurus;

  • BBB9: Max Porto – Sagittarius;

  • BBB8: Rafinha – Libra;

  • BBB7: Diego Alemão – Aquarius;

  • BBB6: Mara Viana – Taurus;

  • BBB5: Jean Wyllys – Pisces;

  • BBB4: Cida dos Santos – Pisces;

  • BBB3: Dhomini Ferreira – Libra;

  • BBB2: Rodrigo Cowboy – Aries;

  • BBB1: Kleber Bambam – Aquarius.

*With information from Caroline Ferreira

Source: CNN Brasil

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