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BBB 24: finalists return home and are welcomed by crowds

The finalists of BBB 24 they returned to their cities this Saturday (20) and were welcomed by crowds. The champion David Brito He embarked early in the afternoon for Salvador and met with the public at Rio de Janeiro airport.

The fans of Isabelle Nogueira They even organized a motorcade and a motorbike in the city of Manaus. At the airport in the capital of Amazonas, she had already met hundreds of people.

Matteus Amaral also received a cart and participated in it from one of the cars, waving to people on the street.

During the carriage, a song called the runner-up “gauchão do Alegrete”, while she danced from the top of the car.

He also said he is “feeling like a celebrity” with the reception from fans.

Several people tried to take photos of Isabelle at Manaus airport. She wore an ornament with red feathers on her head.

At the airport, the bois-bumbá, always praised by Isabelle in Big Brother Brasil, were also present.

Davi was asked by a fan at Rio de Janeiro airport if he was still married to Mani Rego and he replied yes.

Source: CNN Brasil

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