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BBB 24: “I have no interest in talking to Rodriguinho”, says Luiza Brunet

Luiza Brunet stated that he was not interested in talking to Rodriguinho after the singer's departure from Big Brother Brasil (BBB) ​​24, suggesting that he should explain himself to his daughter, Yasmin when the model leaves the reality show.

In an interview with the newspaper's Play column The globethe businesswoman talked about the controversy involving the former member of the group “The Mischievous” and his daughter inside the BBB 24 house.

“I have no intention of talking, because I don’t even know him. He is a person who is not part of my life”, revealed Luiza.

“There is no reason why I would talk to him. I think he has to talk to Yasmin. If he continues to deny what he did, then maybe I intend to talk to someone who can direct me to something possible to do”, she continued, in reference to comments that Rodriguinho made about his sister's appearance in the first weeks of the program.

“Because violence must be treated as violence. If the person who violated does not recognize this, for me, it becomes a crime”, declared Luiza.

During the interview, Brunet also pointed out that Rodriguinho minimized the controversies when reviewing them after his elimination.

“It was put back on air for him to watch. He downplayed it, finding it amusing. She laughed, Yasmin laughed. Normally, when the victim is attacked, regardless of the degree of violence they suffer, they often do not realize it,” she commented.

“She’s really embarrassed and thinks it’s funny. It is a form of protection that she finds to minimize this shame that she is feeling,” she continued.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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