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BBB 24: Lucas Buda calls lawyers to recover belongings

Lucas Henrique had to call lawyers to recover his belongings after the elimination of BBB 24. Objects such as his cell phone, wallet and the key to his house were in the possession of Camila Moura his ex-wife.

Through a note shared on their social networks, the Rio de Janeiro's legal representatives stated that they were already looking for an amicable resolution.

“Lucas Henrique (Buda) has been legally advised to tirelessly seek a friendly, low-media composition that preserves his intimacy, notably with regard to his long-lasting marital relationship”, began the note.

“Since his elimination from the BBB, Lucas has been without access to his personal phone (and all the consequences of his lack thereof, such as access to banking applications, emails and social networks), documents, house keys, clothing and personal items – practically incommunicable.”

“For weeks, the advisors representing him have been trying to put an end to this litigation, receiving only negative responses. That said, the delivery of the items to Rede Globo was suggested by the communications advisory teams, which Lucas did not object to when he became aware of the said suggestion, reiterating once again his commitment to an amicable and peaceful solution”, they added. .

Wanted by CNN To date, Lucas Henrique's legal representatives have not responded as to whether or not the former BBB member has recovered his belongings.

While the Physical Education teacher was still confined to the program, his then partner decided to file a contested divorce.

As soon as he left the reality show, Buda found out about the end of his marriage and had his first contact with his ex-wife during a live Globo program. Through social media, Lucas even shared a public apology to Camila Moura.

Source: CNN Brasil

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