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BBB 24: Pitel invents meaning for “Power of the False”; understand

Giovanna Pitel invented a meaning for “Power of the False” , which had been in his possession since Wednesday (13). The necklace was inside a mysterious suitcase at the BBB 24 house and was found by her and Fernanda.

The dynamic, however, was a prank orchestrated by Boninho, during the recording of the painting “We’re Going to Invade Your Home” .

During the Paredão Formation, this Sunday (18), Tadeu Schmidt She called her sister at Confessionário to explain that it was just a joke and that only she would know about it, thus being able to invent whatever she wanted about “power”.

“It was actually just a joke. A troll that the invader left in the house. But you valued this joke. It was humorous,” said Tadeu.

“That’s why we’re not going to deny it. Then you tell the story you want to the rest of the house. Now: I'm glad it was a joke, because you and Nanda decided on odd or even. You know there's no such thing as BBB. If it was a real Power you would have lost it”, adds the presenter.

Later, during a conversation with her allies Giovanna It is Raquel in the Leader's Room, the woman from Alagoas created a meaning for the “Power of the False”.

“It was to veto yours”, deceives Pitel. “I did not speak? I said Pitel vetoes mine and I veto the deal”, analyzes the confectioner. “I was going to veto his, but then he explained what the dynamics of his were and I said 'no'. She will do the right thing”, declares the social worker.

Raquel, in turn, won the “Power of Truth” last Friday (18) and ended up vetoing the immunity of Beatrice , given by the angel Matteus. Thus, the seller was recommended by Leader Giovanna and went straight to Paredão.

Source: CNN Brasil

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