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BBB 24: While Buddha's marriage comes to an end, Pitel is in an open relationship

The flirtation between Lucas Henrique — also known as Buddha in BBB 24 – with Giovanna Pitel had consequences for the participant's marriage. However, for the sister, the situation was a little different, as she lives a open relationship .

After the participants approach, Camila Moura wife of the capoeira teacher, spoke out, indicating that her marriage had come to an end.

In turn, Wesley Toldelo Pitel's boyfriend, reaffirmed in an interview with the column Playof The globeabout the agreement made with the social worker.

According to him, of the ten years together, only in the last three did the relationship become open. “During that time, we grew up together. Then we thought it would be better to open. But we don’t talk about who we “hooked up with”, and that happens when I’m traveling,” he explained.

“When we are both in Maceió it is something we avoid. We have a lot of trust and dialogue”, the boy added.

Even in the first weeks of the program, Wesley had confessed to the Gshow what I would be jealous only in one situation: if a kiss happened in front of the cameras.

“If there's a French kiss, then yes, I might get a little jealous about that. We have an open relationship, but I never witnessed it”, he guaranteed.

Source: CNN Brasil

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