BBB23: Lenses on teeth become meme; procedure is irreversible and can cost BRL 100,000

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“Guys, but to get into this BBB they were demanding to have contact lenses on their teeth?”. This is just one of thousands of comments on social media about the smiles of Big Brother Brasil 2023 participants.

The reality show, which premiered this Monday (16), always tends to dictate beauty and fashion trends (who doesn’t remember last season’s crochet bikinis?), and the subject this time is perfect smiles – maybe even too perfect – of the players. When talking about aesthetic procedures, personal taste is what should be taken into account. But for “common sense”, after all, where is the line that separates a harmonious smile from an artificial smile?

Netizens criticize BBB smiles
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As in all services, there will always be someone who does it “cheaperly”, but usually this is the watershed between a good result and one that leaves something to be desired.

To CNN Brasil, the dentist specialist in aesthetic procedures and facial harmonization Pedro Brazão tells that it is necessary to do research on the chosen professional and the materials he proposes, instead of just looking for the cheapest procedure: “unfortunately, the result is a reflex of the operating cost of the acquired treatment”.

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According to him, the average prices for a “safe treatment” range from R$ 1,000.00 to R$ 2,000.00 thousand, when the chosen material is resin, and from R$ 2,500.00 to R$ 4,000.00, for “E-Max” type lenses (an improved porcelain type), per dental element. That’s right, for each tooth.

Aesthetic x Functional

Despite the trend, the use of dental veneers is not only necessarily aesthetic. They can, of course, correct teeth size, color, shape and positioning, but they are also functional.

Brazão says that those who have problems such as excessive wear due to bruxism, clenching and jaw dysfunction can also benefit from the use of lenses.

Where did the fashion come from?

According to the expert, dental veneers have been around for some time, but the evolution of digital dental tools and the explosion of marketing over the technique made the public take notice.

If you are the type of person who quickly tires of trends and soon wants to move on to the next one, be warned: the procedure is irreversible.

“There are some cases in which the procedure was less invasive and, when removing the lenses, the shape of the teeth may be better than before, but it is not indicated”, reveals Brazão.

However, the longevity of the treatment and the power it has to “transform” the person’s life are factors to be taken into account when making the decision, as long as it is done with a reliable professional.

Source: CNN Brasil

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