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BBB24: Dado Dolabella calls Davi “Davictim” on social media

Dado Dolabella made a series of stories on her Instagram account this Saturday (2) since she found out about the elimination of her girlfriend, Wanessa Camargo, from BBB24, for attacking Davi, dubbing her brother “Davítima”.

The actor, firstly, declared that he was “shocked” and “perplexed” for “seeing no reason” for the disqualification.

Still outraged, Dado published an edited video in which he shows the moment considered aggression by the program's production team and another occasion in which Davi tackles Wanessa Camargo during a dynamic in the house.

reproduction of a dolabella data story

In the publication, the actor stated: “Oh poor thing! Davictim asks for Uaness’ expulsion alleging aggression!”

Below the edited video with the two scenes, he added: “After this stroller, she didn’t even complain.”

After the expulsion, Wanessa was caught this Saturday at Santos Dumont airport. The singer seemed to be “in disguise”, avoiding the gaze of the press and onlookers by choosing a look consisting of a loose sweatshirt, a hooded jacket, a mask and flip-flops.

See the video.

Source: CNN Brasil

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