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BBB24: Lucas' wife ends relationship after brother flirts with Pitel

After Lucas Henrique (Buddha) flirting with Giovanna Pitel at the BBB24 party that took place last Friday (1st) his wife, Camila Moura, made a series of publications this Sunday (3) on her Instagram account suggesting the end of the marriage .

The photos of them together were deleted on both their profiles, in addition, in their stories, Camila posted a suitcase, indicating that it belonged to Lucas, whom she called Calabreso, and another image in which photos of the couple torn up in the trash appear.

With the movement, the teacher is close to the 1 million followers mark. The number quickly exceeded her husband's account, which accumulates 132 thousand followers during the 2 months of confinement.

Camila published a story with a suitcase and a poll saying: “Whose suitcase is it?” with the options “Camila” and “Calabreso“. In the background, the lyrics and music Chico, by Luísa Sonza. Soon after, an image with photos of the couple torn up and thrown in a trash can.

After all the movement, she declared in another story: “Yesterday, I was an unemployed history teacher, 100% anonymous, but because I believe that only I can defend myself from this moment, I decided to put my face in the sun!” Camila also commented that she will make an official statement about the case.

In conversation with Pitel at the party on Friday (1st), Lucas Buda flirted with his sister: “I'll just tell you one thing: 'Baiana, you messed me up. I freaked out about your color, nagô, your guide.” After she asked him to stop the conversation, he replied: “It's real. This conversation will end here”, ignoring the fact that he was on a TV program.

Source: CNN Brasil

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