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BBB24: participants are surprised with a mysterious letter; look

This Wednesday (21), BBB24 participants were surprised by a mysterious letter , left on a piece of furniture in the living room of the house. The message was signed by “Invasor” and aroused different reactions among the brothers.

“Dear participants, apart from one or two out here, everyone loves you. Or not. See you in the Final, or not. Signed: The Invader”, read Davi, who found the note.

The brothers repeated the message several times and Alane joked: “The 'or not' I'm going to pretend I didn't read, I'm going to leave it alone.” Leidy Elin was also amused by the message and, laughing, said: “Very good, man!”

In the end, some brothers applauded the surprise made by the reality show. Look:

The letter signed by the “Invasor” is similar to the letters sent by the participants’ families during the “Sincerão”, which took place this Monday (19). In the dynamic, the three walled-in Deniziane, Fernanda and Matteus, the leader Ráculo and the angel Michel needed to destroy the letter from family members of one of the participants in the house.

The dynamics generated a lot of commotion inside the house and a lot of repercussions outside as well. In the end, only Davi, Wanessa Camargo, Fernanda and Deniziane won the privilege of reading the letters sent by the family and will be able to keep the memory until the end of the program.

Source: CNN Brasil

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