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BBB24 poll: Beatriz or Isabelle, who should take the lead?

Beatrice It is Isabelle They spent more than five hours in the Leader's Test and won the right to decide, until Friday night (23), which of the two will take the lead. Whoever doesn't take the lead will win a prize of R$44,500.

They must inform the decision during the live program this Friday (23), which will air at 10:20 pm, on TV Globo.

CNN Poll: Vote for which sister should take the lead.

BBB24: Who should take the lead?

Double won the Leader's Test, but only one will take the position. The other will earn R$44.5 thousand. Vote for which sister should take the lead

  • Beatrice
  • Isabelle

Understand the Leader Test

For this week's leadership contest, Ráculo, the previous leader, had the power to veto one person from the game and chose Alane. In turn, Giovanna was not released by the medical department to participate in the competition. The sister suffered a broken foot in the first week of the program and was left out of several races since the beginning of the season.

Then, the 14 brothers divided into pairs to compete in this week's Leader test, namely:

  • Lucas Henrique and Mc Bin Laden;
  • Rodriguinho and Leidy Elin;
  • Fernanda and Giovanna Pitel;
  • Michel and Raquel;
  • Yasmin Brunet and Wanessa Camargo;
  • Beatriz and Isabelle;
  • Matthew and David.

In the dynamic, each pair must position themselves on their inclined platform. While one player is the cell phone and is attached to a stretched steel cable, the other player represents a card. The two must remain “sticky” and if the card falls, they are eliminated. The pair of brothers who resist the longest wins.

See the dynamics of the week

This Friday (23), Beatriz and Isabelle will decide who will take the lead and the leader will have to put four people in her sights. On Saturday (24) the Angel test and the Joker Power offer will be held, which will be worth a nomination for Paredão.

On Sunday (25), a new Triple Wall will be formed with the Leader's nominee, the one paired by the leader's duo, the nominee by the “Power of the Word” and the most voted in the house. In total, four people will be walled up, but one still has the chance to save himself in the Bate e Volta test.

Source: CNN Brasil

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