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BBB24: see the voiceovers of former participants made by Tadeu Schmidt

This year, the presenter of BBB 24 , Tadeu Schmidt , decided to pay tribute to the eliminated participants with dubs. For the videos, shared on his social networks, Tadeu characterized himself with some striking accessory from his ex-brother or mentioned some “catchphrase” used in the house.

On social media, Schmidt has more than six million followers and in addition to videos, he shared photos with all the participants who left the program. This Tuesday (16), the grand final of BBB 24 takes place and will crown one of the participants as the winner.

Remember some voiceovers performed by Tadeu Schmidt for former BBB24 participants:

“Interrogation” with Nizam

At the very beginning of the edition, Tadeu dubbed a conversation that ex-BBB Nizam had with the finalist David . In the chat, the app driver asks the ex-brother several questions, regarding his work and professional experiences, in a type of “interrogation”. Check out:

“How am I going to pay the IPVA for this?”

In another dubbing, the presenter is inside the car while being hugged by family and friends. In honor of Michel, Tadeu recreates a scene in which the ex-BBB is awarded a car and wonders how he will pay the car's IPVA.

“Cry, little doll”

Using a visor, Tadeu also recreated one of the most iconic fights of the edition, which happened between Fernanda and Alane. Marked by mockery, the friction became popular with a speech by Fernanda, where she says in a provocative tone: “Are you going to cry? Cry, little doll! It shows your desperation.”

The famous satin bonnet

Adhering to the accessories, Schmidt also posted a dub in honor of his ex-sister Pitel, using a satin cap, as she wore in the reality show. The item became so popular outside the house that it became a Carnival costume at the beginning of this year.

It's Brazil's Brazil

The last tribute was posted three days ago, when “whipping his hair”, the presenter paid tribute to Beatriz. To represent her, he chose a line from his ex-sister saying about her manner during a “Sincerão” dynamic. Look:

Source: CNN Brasil

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