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BBB24: see what the dynamics of the 11th week of the game will be like

This Thursday (29/2), Tadeu Schmidt announced what the dynamics of the eleventh week of BBB24 which will feature Big Fone playing six times, countercoup and “Poder Gêmeo”.

This time, “Big Fone” will play six times, There will be five calls “by mistake” and the last one will put someone on the Wall. See the times for each call here.

Today, the Leader's Test took place, which required marksmanship from the participants. The new Leader will place four people in the Leader's Crosshairs tomorrow (1).

Furthermore, on Friday, whoever buys the “Twin Power” , you can count on two votes in the next Paredão formation. The player can choose to vote for two different participants or use two votes for one person.

Next Sunday (3), a new Triple Wall will be formed with the one blocked by Big Fone, nominated by the Leader, the most voted in the house and the counterattack of the one blocked by Big Fone. In total, four people will be walled up, but one still has the chance to save himself in the Bate e Volta test.

The elimination takes place next Tuesday (5/3) and public voting continues to eliminate a participant from the reality show.

Check out the dynamics of the 11th week of BBB24

  • Thursday (29/2)

Leader Test (everyone plays).

  • Friday (1/3)

“Lose and Win” Dynamics;
Wildcard Power: “Twin Power” is worth two votes in forming the next hot seat;
New Leader chooses four people to put “In the Leader’s Crosshairs”;
Big Fone rings twice.

  • Saturday (2/3)

Angel test: autoimmune angel + one immunized;
Big Fone rings twice.

  • Sunday (3/3)

Triple Wall Formation:

– Big Fone plays twice and on the last wall once;
– Autoimmune angel and immunizes one;
– Leader walls one;
– the most voted in the house;
– Counterattack by Big Fone;
– Bate e Volta Test with the other 3 bricked up, only 1 is saved.

  • Tuesday (5/3)


Source: CNN Brasil

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