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BBB24: “Undercover”, Wanessa Camargo is caught at the airport after expulsion

Former BBB Wanessa Camargo was spotted at Rio airport wearing a mask, blouse and sweatpants, hood on her head and flip-flops.

The singer was disqualified from BBB 24 this Saturday afternoon (2).

The decision was communicated by the production of the reality show. The disqualification occurred hours after Davi said the singer slapped him.

David revealed to Matteus and Isabelle, in the early hours of this Saturday (2), that complained to the production about the attitude of Wanessa, with whom she had already been involved in other conflicts.

After instructions to gather Camargo's items, participants began to comment on the episode and had different reactions. Yasmin Brunet was in shock, while Fernanda pointed out that Wanessa Camargo's departure was Davi's game strategy.

The boyfriend of Wanessa Camargo the actor Given Dolabella, reacted to the disqualification of the singer from Big Brother Brasil (BBB) ​​2024 on social media.

“Shocked, perplexed!! I see no reason for expulsion, I never imagined she would leave the program like that, but if that happened it was the best for her,” she wrote.

Wanessa Camargo with the airport team

Source: CNN Brasil

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