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BBB24: Wanessa remembers her reunion with Dado Dolabella after 18 years: “Surreal”

This Sunday (25), in a conversation with Fernanda It is Pitel on BBB24, Wanessa Camargo recalled the reunion with Dolabella Data her current boyfriend.

According to the singer, the moment happened during a trip to Chapada dos Veadeiros, in Goiás. “I went to Chapada on April 2nd, to meet,” she began. “But was Dado there too?” asked Fernanda. “It was the day I met Dado in the middle of the street”, she explained.

“Walking in the middle of the street the day I arrived. Crazy”, recalled the artist. “How was your reunion with the boy Dado? Do you want to talk more about this?”, Pitel said afterwards. “It was the most surreal thing in the world. After 18 years of not seeing it”, she said.

“Have you never crossed paths all this time?” asked Giovanna again. “We met crossing the street, walking down the street. He arrived, I was walking down the street, he stopped to talk to some of his friends there. His version, right? He walked, saw me, was terrified, his heart was jumping because we didn't see each other… Then he said: 'I'm going to talk, I'm going to talk', and his friends: 'Go, go'”, Camargo recalled.

“Then, when I'm getting to my car, I just hear: 'Hey!'. Then I looked and there was a 'caveman', right? Because he had a beard up to here, hippie hair,” she said. “He didn’t even know it,” said Fernanda, all excited. “I can’t see from far away, Fê”, added Wanessa.

“But the voice, when I heard it, I said: 'I know that voice'. Then my heart skipped a beat. Guys, I swear, I think I went to the moon and back, it was a surreal feeling. And then we hugged each other like, 'hi' and so on, and spent two hours in the middle of the street talking,” he concluded.

Source: CNN Brasil

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