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BBB25: everything that is known about the next edition of the reality show

O BBB24 came to an end this Tuesday (16), but Registration for the next edition is now open . Last month, the production of the reality show had already announced that the participation of BBB25 would be in doubles which is a first for the program.

And how will the dynamics work? According to Globo, the pairs must have some bond . In other words, a pair of best friends, aunt and nephew, mother and daughter, a couple, brothers, cousins ​​or even grandmother and grandson, the important thing is that there is a connection between people.

This Tuesday (16), Boninho shared a video updating the situation regarding registrations for the next edition.

“Peak of 1000 per minute! If you started yours, finish it soon! We have already received 60 thousand in pairs, totaling 120 thousand participants and of these, five thousand have already finished. Stay tuned, we will close with 40% occupancy in the squares”, he mentioned in the caption. Look:

See what is already known about BBB 25:

Are registrations for BBB 25 already open?

Yes! Interested parties can sign up to participate (in pairs) in the next edition of the reality show, starting last Monday (15).

How to register for BBB 25?

To participate, it is necessary to fill out three online questionnaires and send videos that show the relationship between the two people and also the candidates separately. Interviews with the production are virtual and in-person, and the selections have not yet started.

Is it necessary to register twice to participate in BBB 25?

No! The program's production specified that the pairs must have some bond and only one registration must be made with both CPFs. Because it is online, people in different locations will be able to fill it out together, but one person cannot be in two different pairs. During the regional tryout, however, both must be in the same location.

When does BBB 25 premiere?

Information about the premiere of the new program and possible dates have not yet been released.

Who will present BBB 25?

As in the last three editions, Tadeu Schmidt will be responsible for presenting the program. In February of this year, it was announced that the presenter will continue to be in charge of the “Big Brother Brazil” until 2027 .

The information was released by Cute , Variety Genre Director. By renewing the right to reality in the country, Big Boss celebrated the news.

*With information from Giovana Christ and Aline Oliveira, from CNN

Source: CNN Brasil

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