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Be ready! Jennifer Lopez is about to launch a product for the buttocks

Get ready, because it’s going to be the summer of side b, #summerofbooty, so he writes JLo on Instagram in a caption of a reel, in which the actress shows hers famous sit in a series of bikini shots to the notes of her song Sexy Body. The mysterious text provides only a couple of clues. The singer tagged JLo Beautyits line of skin care products, with hashtags #SummerOfBooty And #SomethingIsComing.

Using incredible powers of deduction, one can guess that something is brewing: will it be the launch of a new product associated with JLo Beauty? A line of swimwear? If we had to bet, would we focus on a product for the body, perhaps a highlighter for the backside? Maybe. The brand JLo Beauty, launched in 2021, currently offers 10 luxury products that aim to give Jennifer Lopez’s signature glow. They include exfoliating and moisturizing serums, moisturizers, cleansers and, of course, a mask. Although Jenny from the Block entered our lives as a singer, hasn’t released a studio album since 2014, unless you count the soundtrack of the movie Marry Me with Maluma, in which she also starred. His more recent projects have focused on acting and, of course, skincare, if we don’t want to talk about catching up on the story with Ben Affleck. All we know is that if Jennifer Lopez tells us that this summer is dedicated to booty! Are we ready to shake it like she does?

Source: Vanity Fair

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