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Beachy blonde, Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair color that camouflages whites (perfect for over 50s)

If you have surprised yourself with your mouth open to look ecstatic Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair while playing his alter ego more à la page, Carrie Bradshaw, in And just like that, you are not alone. Just as the beloved protagonist loves to experiment with different hairstyles, from braids to buns, from tails to semi-gathered, one thing that remains constant is her wonderful hair color, Beachy Blonde. Who is behind that bright golden blonde that immediately transports you to beaches warmed by a reddish sunset? Soon revealed: the one who creates that fantastic shade is Gina Gilbertfamous colorist of Serge Normant in New York.

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The perfect shade of blonde

The actress has been followed by the American color teacher for 15 years, so Gilbert knows exactly the exact shade of blonde Sarah Jessica Parker likes: “He always prefers to change the color slightly. Mostly, I do a single dye on her around her hairline, but not all over her head. She doesn’t prefer the color to go all over the scalp, “she explains a Vogue UK.

“After that I perform the balayage to give dimension and contrast and give the hair that sun-kissed effect, very natural, and with lightened tips. Then I create highlights slightly lighter around the face which brighten the skin making it look healthy and radiant. Plus they bring out her beautiful crystal blue eyes, ”says Gilbert.

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The fusion of blonde and gray

However, many have noticed that in the series the 56-year-old Carrie Bradshaw also fearlessly displays her gray hair that looks equally flattering on her: “During the shoot she wanted the gray to blend in with the blonde,” Gina Gilbert continues to explain. “The contrast between the gray, the blond and the darker color gives a truly winning shade”.

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While many go to the hairdresser to touch up their color every two weeks, Sarah Jessica Parker lets two and a half months pass between appointments. Extremely low maintenance, especially if we’re talking about a big and small screen celebrity. But precisely this calm approach to her beauty gives her not only a plus of simplicity and naturalness, but also testifies to the technical skill of her colourist.

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Hair color, how to take care of it

But how to take care of color so well at home? «I always recommend doing an acid rinse because it removes any build-up of opacity and improves brightness. It is then preferable to use a sulfate-free shampoo to preserve the color longer. To give more volume and texture to the hair and have it like SJP’s, the magic touch is a dry spray like Ling Proof’s Full Dry Volume & Texture », suggests the expert.

In the gallery some products to make the blond a la Carrie Bradshaw shine.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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