Bear becomes disoriented after eating ‘crazy honey’ in Turkey

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A disoriented brown bear cub, believed to have become intoxicated after eating an excessive amount of “crazy honey”, was rescued by national parks teams in Turkey’s northwest Duzce province on Thursday. .

Footage showed the bear swaying and whimpering as it sat on its back in the back of a pickup truck after people rescued the visibly weakened animal from the forest.

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Crazy honey, or “deli bal” in Turkish, is a type of rhododendron honey that can have hallucinogenic effects.

The bear was taken to a vet, where he was receiving treatment and is likely to be released into the wild in the coming days, local officials said, adding that he was in good condition.

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The Ministry of Agriculture asked Turks on Twitter to come up with a name for the bear.

Source: CNN Brasil

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