Beatrice Borromeo and Pierre Casiraghi, love and tradition

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The Monaco National Day, this year, it will be remembered for the heaviest absence: Charléne di Monaco, wife of Prince Albert, still recovering and therefore far from the traditional balcony of the Principality. The rest of the family, in an attempt to make the absence weigh less, tried to show themselves united. Alberto, accompanied by his sister, the princess Caroline of Monaco. Then Charlotte casiraghi, the brother Andrea alongside Tatiana Santo Domingo and finally Beatrice Borromeo close to her husband Pierre Casiraghi. Always united and in love, after six years of marriage and two wonderful children, Stefano, three years, e Francesco, due.

The bond between the two appears to be stronger and stronger. The Italian journalist just a few months ago confided that, after a period in which she took care of her two children full time, she returned to the production of documentaries. Also thanks to her husband, a father present: “I am lucky, Pierre helps me a lot with the children».

Beatrice, scion of one of the most important Italian aristocratic families and Pierre, son of a princess and eighth in line of succession to the throne of Monaco, represent the face of the new generation of European royalty, aware of having to carry on traditions but at the same time ready to renew those same traditions. Beatrice herself declared it recently: “My mother-in-law (Caroline of Monaco, ed) once said that traditions are the transmission of fire, not the celebration of ashes. I find the idea of ​​preserving the roots, the historical identity very beautiful. This does not mean that we must accept the past uncritically and without struggling to overcome discrimination and inequalities, which is still fundamental for me today “.


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