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Beatrice Borromeo dictates the rules of style with a burgundy red velvet suit

Beatrice Borromeo, when it comes to style, he doesn’t miss a beat. Even when she takes a step back, it is impossible not to notice her in the events that bring together the entire Grimaldi family.

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Appointment at the Lirico theater in Milan on 25 and 26 November


For the Principality’s national holiday 2023 she chose a velvet suit with a shade of red that allowed her to pay homage to the country’s flag, while distinguishing herself with that burgundy from the other royals who had opted for the same color, Charlene of Monaco on the one hand and Charlotte Casiraghi in Chanel on the other.

Beatrice Borromeo with the burgundy velvet suit worn at the national day of the Principality of Monaco 2023.

Olivier Huitel / ipa-agency.net

Perhaps among all, Beatrice Borromeo is the one who most embodies the elegance of Grace Kellythe Monegasque princess, grandmother of her husband Pierre Casiraghi. It is not the first time that for the occasion he has preferred the red: already in 2022 he had left everyone speechless with the Bar jacket Dior revisited by Maria Grazia Chiuri.

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Charlene of Monaco in cardinal red at the Principality’s national day

The Grimaldis took part in the event which combines fashion and solemnity. Beatrice Borromeo and Charlotte Casiraghi also opted for red while Marie Ducruet chose white: these are the colors of the Monegasque flag


It was a perfect example of New Look revisited in a contemporary key which exploded in full force on the aristocrat of Italian origin for various reasons. With his blonde locks he managed to bring out all the color but thanks to his physicality he also enhanced the silhouette narrow at the waist that opens on the hips.

The fiery red Dior suit worn by Beatrice Borromeo for the Principality of Monaco’s national day in 2022.

Dominique Jacovides / ipa-agency.net

This year he decides not to stray too far from that idea which has already proven so successful. The complete with burgundy velvet it is only apparently simple. The warmth of the fabric emerges in the exquisite tailored details of the jacket with a row of buttons and the mandarin collar but also the corolla skirt which covers the knees falls softly onto the legs.

Beatrice Borromeo burgundy from head to toe.

Olivier Huitel / ipa-agency.net

The custom-made ensemble is completed by a pillbox hat perfectly coordinated with the rest and a black bag Dior that seems to have come out of your grandmother’s closet which could be, thanks to his relatives Marta Marzottoor Grace of Monaco because of her husband. Style, in this case, is undoubtedly a family matter.

The tailoring details of Beatrice Borromeo’s jacket.

Olivier Huitel / ipa-agency.net

Beatrice Borromeo and her husband Pierre Casiraghi.

Olivier Huitel / ipa-agency.net

The pillbox hat coordinates with the rest of the outfit.

Olivier Huitel / ipa-agency.net

Source: Vanity Fair

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