Beatrice Vendramin: “How to use social media (without being used by them)”


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Beyond 3.8 billion of people use i social network. That is, about half of the world population is active, with at least one account, on the famous web platforms. The data of the annual report Digital 2020 they outline an online scenario that – to be honest – is not certain a surprise. The trend, in fact, has been continuously growing for quite some time: i 970 million of users of 2010 are more than tripled, with an additional boom in recent months mainly due to restrictions anti-coronavirus.

But there are rules for a clever use social media? The right age to open a shape, for example, or how much time to spend on it. And most importantly, that evolution they will have? Matters that Beatrice Vendramin, model and actress in her twenties with over one million followers only on Instagram, he addressed during a lecture given in his undergraduate degree at New Academy of Fine Arts (NABA), in Milan. “Has been a super meetingHe revealed to us. “A lot of them were connected to nine in the evening to listen to me “.

Didn’t he expect it?
«They could have sat on the sofa watching a movie, but two thirds of the course followed me for an hour: they asked a lot of questions, I felt really interested. And for me it was a pleasure to tell about my experiences, both in terms of cinema and social media ».

Well, when did you open your first account?
«I had my first smartphone at 14, when I started working for Disney. My friends had it for a while already, I insisted but my parents were adamant. And with hindsight I think they did well, that’s the right age to start using social media ».

Although today the guys land on TikTok much earlier.
«There the average age of my followers is between 9 and 20. However, I believe that on TikTok parents feel safer because it is more content related to pure entertainment. There is creativity and fun ».

Do you remember your first published content?
«On Instagram a service for Vogue Bride, which I still keep in my profile. I was very young, then growing up I started using storytelling also for activities with a strong social importance: I realized that followers react when they feel called into question “.

Is there a campaign you are particularly proud of?
“When there is a beneficial purpose, I am always happy to join and spread the message. Last Christmas, for example, I took part in “Angels for a day“: You received a letter from a child who lives in a family home and you fulfilled his wish. There was great participation, I’m proud of it ».

What about content that you regret having published?
«In 2017 I lost the desire to communicate some aspects of my private life. I hate couple’s stuff: I realized that you have to be careful, because what you put on social media remains forever ».

“You write in ink on the internet, not pencil,” says the film Social Network. Is there anything else to watch out for?
“You have to manage social media, without being manipulated by them. What I show is 50% of my life: I can show what I cook, what movie I watch, but I am also free to keep other things away from the lens. It applies to me, but it applies to anyone else ».

Is there therefore the risk of confusing the online / offline plans?
«The risk, for the viewer, is not being able to distinguish reality well: life on social media may seem perfect, but it isn’t. Anyone on the internet communicates only what they want to communicate: this must be kept in mind ».

Then there is the question haters: Do you remember a particular comment that hurt you?
“Honestly, I’m really proud of my audience: a fan base with positive energy and freedom of expression. Then I said it in some of my stories: those who are not interested can stop following me, that’s okay, without offending anyone ».

There are specific moments when it says “ok, enough smartphone”?
«I admit that during the lockdown I realized that I was always on the phone, it is a form of addiction. Although it is partly my job, I realized that it was not possible to go on like this and I took breaks: first in the morning, I try not to look at my mobile as soon as I wake up. At least I wash my face and have breakfast first. ‘

Don’t you think it’s difficult to express complex thoughts on social media? There is a risk of simplification, here.
«It’s complicated to explain something in a post, it’s true. If you put a lot of stories, it is more difficult for you to watch them all. The “defect”, however, is at the same “value”, because the immediacy of communication can make a message explode and make it go viral on the other side of the world. The important thing is the message ».

Are you only twenty, do you never feel the “responsibility” of the message? And, for this, to have grown up faster than normal.
«I started working at 14 and I immediately found myself catapulted onto a set, in contact with professionalism. In a certain sense, I didn’t have time to understand what “normal” adolescence was, but everything went well: thanks also to my parents, who are good at keeping expectations and pressures under control ».

Are there characters that you take as a reference in the use of social networks?
“Zendaya, the Euphoria actress, uses them great and is super influential. I also like Hailey Biber very much, but there are many that I follow and appreciate ».

Do you think that the need to “follow” hides a root of insecurity?
“In some cases it may be, but let’s not forget that reference models have always existed even before the internet. In Milan, for example, we think of paninari, that style has become “viral” without social media ».

What future do you see for social media? The very young are all on TikTok.
«Yes, because I believe that the direction is towards entertainment: in video content there is more room for creativity. The users themselves produce what they want to see: once the kids were zapping on TV, today there is TikTok which is a television that runs continuously ».

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