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Beauty at first sight: the Dolce&Gabbana perfume reminiscent of panettone

For the new fragrance Devotion, Dolce&Gabbana it managed to combine tradition and madness, memory and originality, voluptuousness and festive spirit. The sacred heart in relief on the bottle gives shape to the most reassuring dimension, a very strong symbol of devotion in the brand’s imagination and the choice to rely on the Master Perfumer Oliver Cresp, among the most renowned noses in the world, master of gourmand fragrances and already creator of an icon: Light Blue. Even in the advertising campaign, past and present merge in a sensorial game that more or less deliberately stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain where emotions and pleasure are generated. The scene set in Capri, Dolce&Gabbana’s “manifesto” island, is the backdrop to ignite safe memories in the viewer and then immediately become involved in the sparkling and carefree soul of a beautiful Katy Perry who drags her into an extremely new “now”. and engaging.

The crazy, instinctive and innovative side of Devotion is contained in the story that led to its birth. «I was having lunch with Domenico and Stefano and we were planning this fragrance. We were looking for the right idea for a creation different from those already existing on the market. We wanted a very recognizable perfume, the kind you can identify exactly even from three meters away”, says Olivier Cresp. «The slice of panettone they served us at the end of the meal was revealing. What’s more Italian than panettone?”. An act of loyalty to Milan, but also to Sicily (Dolce&Gabbana also signs a collection of Fiasconaro panettone). Devotion is succulent, sweet, but not overly sticky. Sprayed on the skin it not only stimulates the sense of smell but also stimulates the taste. In its olfactory pyramid the freshness of orange blossom meets the sweetness of Madagascar vanilla and candied citrus fruits which give a gourmand touch. A trend explored by many, that of gourmand, and yet Cresp managed to make it different, bright, fresh, and still reassuring.

Devotion tastes like panettone without remaining unequivocally tied to a cliché. «We had friends and relatives test it who really appreciated it. If you wear a perfume for a week and receive at least three compliments, this is enough for it to become a successful creation”, says Cresp, revealing the perfect formula to define a good Eau de Parfum. In this case it came to light in just one year of work and without the usual market investigations. A bet that requires a bit of courage and madness, which only Dolce&Gabbana could afford. And this fragrance embodies its quintessence.

Katy Perry with Devotion Eau du parfum

If you are wondering what holds together three apparently contrasting elements such as the sacred relief of the bottle, the playful and chaotic atmosphere typically summery of the launch campaign and the aroma reminiscent of panettone, this is the devotion. An ancient feeling that transcends time and the religious dimension, an expression of love, loyalty and care towards what one believes and does. «Devotion for me is towards someone, towards my family. Devotion is helping other people,” says Cresp. Devotion is an invitation not to betray these values ​​even through beauty.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have also chosen the symbol of the sacred heart for the entire make-up line, the first to be produced internally by the company. It all started with the memory of the traditional religious festivals of childhood, events that in the experience of the two designers gave a carnal dimension to spirituality, and then arrived at the iconic Devotion Bag, a tribute to devotion through their creative genius. Now is the time for beauty.

Devotion by Dolce&Gabbana is on the beauty cover of Vanity Fair on newsstands with the artwork by Andrea Brindisi.

Source: Vanity Fair

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