Bebe Vio: “Fantastic to see Olympic and Paralympic sports united”

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“Let’s get busy together and have fun through sport.” Baby saw it is, as always, a river in flood. He is overwhelming in presenting the latest of his initiatives and he does so using two of his favorite words: together and sport. Is called WEmbrace, the latest idea of ​​the Paralympic champion. It is the crasis of the English words we embrace, we embrace. It is an evening of sport for charity. The appointment is on Monday 25 October starting at 7 pm at the Allianz Cloud in Milan, tickets are on sale on

There will be two teams composed of able-bodied athletes (in addition to the Olympic athletes, Inter and Milan have joined) and disabled athletes. They will face each other in a sporting challenge conceived by Bebe Vio and by Art4sport, the association founded in 2009 by his parents to promote Paralympic sport. They will compete in four disciplines: fencing, football, basketball and volleyball, practiced as sitting volley.

The goal is to show the wonder that all sport is. «I am very happy to see Olympic and Paralympic sport united, I really like it very much. Then, I would like WEmbrace to become a recognizable label, a symbol of integration. I also talked about it with the president Von der Leyen when we met for dinner before the meeting in the European Parliament and she was very interested, ”she said presented the project which should go on for another seven years reaching Los Angeles 2028.

«The name», explains Ruggero Vio, «was chosen because we wanted to find a name for the movement: international, which would embrace as much diversity as possible, as many people as possible. No two disabilities are alike. We have to make everyone’s weak point into a strong point ».

The whole family is working on the project. And even a few more. «It is the kids themselves who give us ideas and the desire to do many new things. Many have helped me as a child and I feel morally obliged to tell the boys that I am at home that you can also run with one leg»Explains Bebe. She says that as a child she tried many sports and would have liked to do it even with a disability. “We want to lend a hand to the clubs, I would like to see space for the disabled and the able-bodied in all the gyms in Italy side by side”.

His Tokyo Olympics was wonderful thanks to the team. “At times, I didn’t even believe it. Tokyo taught me how to survive. If you do it for the team you can do everything even if you physically fall apart, faint, vomit, your shoulder comes out and your elbow is on fire, “he said. «Often it is the able-bodied who do not know how to give themselves stimuli, many found it hard to have dreams. Let’s do it together and have fun through sport starting with the boys. Children with disabilities don’t have to wonder if they can go to a particular gym. They must be able to go there. “

They can also do this through the Bebe Vio Academy which opens on October 26th with introduction to sport for 3 groups of children who will practice athletics, football, volleyball, basketball and wheelchair fencing.

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