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Because between the ages of 40 and 50 more and more people suffer from presbyopia

There presbyopia it is a visual defect that involves approximately 28 million Italians. It’s starting to manifest itself between 40 and 50 years old and among other things it is best not to generalize when talking about neo-presbyopia. Because there are two distinct categories of people: emmetropes And ametropes. The former have always seen well at all distances and have never worn glasses. In their case, presbyopia begins to be felt during close-range activities, when they are forced to push away nearby objects with their arms in order to see and read well. Ametropes, on the other hand, have always worn single vision glasses because short-sighted, hyperopic or astigmatic. They realize that they have difficulty seeing up close because if they are short-sighted they have to raise their glasses to read up close while if they are far-sighted they have to move objects that are too close away. In short: neo-presbyopes are those who move objects away to bring them into better focus, those who regularly “forget” their glasses at home and ask the person next to them to read the dishes on the restaurant menu for them or those who, By default, they enlarge the font on the phone for reading or writing.

Anyone who recognizes themselves in the description should immediately rely on experts in the field of visual well-being. «Vision professionals, ophthalmologist, orthoptist And optical they are those who can help us personalize the solution to presbyopia but also evaluate the state of health of the visual system which, at the age of 40, can begin to present significant problems. Open or narrow angle glaucoma, dry eyes, maculopathy, cataracts. It is essential for our eyes and the quality of our life, including future ones, to do prevention and treatment” he explains Alessandro Sammartinomedical surgeon specializing in ophthalmology.

When the eye “gets old”

But because the symptoms begin to appear precisely around the age of 40, when does the newly presbyopic become slower and more imprecise in performing all activities in the 20-60 cm area? «The first symptoms of presbyopia begin to appear between the ages of 40 and 50 as this visual disorder is closely linked to the aging of the eyewhich occurs in particular when the lens loses its flexibility – explains Sammartino a Vanity Fair – the internal lens of our eye then becomes more rigid and loses its ability to accommodate, making it increasingly difficult to focus on nearby writings and objects. Presbyopia can therefore be considered as one natural part of the human aging processwhich we will all encounter sooner or later.”

Often the newly presbyopic person feels old or embarrassed by the use of glasses resting halfway down his nose, neglecting the fact that there are some personalized solutions which will make us feel younger and more fit than before and with custom-made prescription lenses. «This is very important because the eyes set in our face have different distances from the center of the nose, different heights, or sometimes there are latent strabismus that can be resolved by customizing the lenses» adds the expert. Among the various vision operators on the market, Hoya for example, it has developed specific technologies for presbyopes and neo-presbyopes that are totally personalized “tailored to the eye.

«If we had to take stock compared to previous years, certainly the number of farsighted people has increased – adds Sammartino – this on the one hand is linked to the fact that the population in our country is becoming increasingly older, the elderly are more than the young, and therefore it is normal that there is a greater incidence of this visual disorder. On the other hand, habits have also changed with more and more people using digital devices extensively. A habit that requires more intense visual effort and which contributes to the early manifestation of presbyopia.”

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Source: Vanity Fair

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