Because Iceland is a model even if women are not the majority in Parliament

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From the first results it seemed that women would be the majority in Parliament in Iceland. This is not the case, but it is still a historic achievement. Before the recount in Reykjavík they had already begun to celebrate a European record, with over 50% attendance by women (33 seats out of 63) in the Icelandic national assembly.

The final result is different. There are 30 women elected as in the 2016 elections. The percentage is 48%, and not 52% as mentioned at the beginning. It is the highest percentage of women in a parliament in Europe.

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“Women’s victory remains the great story of this one electionSaid professor Olafur Hardarson, political scientist, after the recount, reported by RaiNews24.

Only five other countries in the world have parliaments with half of the seats occupied by women: Rwanda with 61% women, Cuba with 53%, Nicaragua 51%, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates with exactly half of the seats. In Italy the percentage in the House is 36.06%, in the Senate 35.11%.

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Even if there is no majority, Iceland remains a model for the rest of Europe. It has been for some time. It led the ranking of the most egalitarian countries of the World Economic Forum in the past 12 years. There is the same parental leave for men and women. It has had an equal pay law since 1961, and since 2018 it has legislation that requires proving that wages are equal for men and women.

In 1980 it was the first country to elect a woman to the presidency of the Republic, five years earlier there had been a women’s strike to demonstrate how we could not do without them. The current prime minister is a woman, Katrin Jakobsdottir. The first woman was elected to Parliament in 1922 and since 1915 women have been voting in Iceland. The percentages of attendance only rose after the 1980s. Before, their presence did not exceed 5%. In 1982 it is the Alliance of women, the party has made social battles and gender equality its pillar. In one year, women in Parliament are 25%.

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