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Because of students wearing shorts, an armed guard enters a classroom in Pernambuco

On Tuesday night (28), an armed guard entered a classroom in Moreno, in Greater Recife, to inform two students that they could not wear shorts inside the school.

The use of the piece in the institution is not guided by the management. The guard decided to intervene and was assaulted. The direction of the teaching unit activated the School Patrol, which carried out the first measurements on the spot. The case was taken to the police station.

The episode is being treated by the Secretary of Education and Sports of Pernambuco as “inappropriate conduct”.

In a note sent to CNN the secretariat reported that “the Regional Management of Education (GRE) Metropolitana Sul, responsible for the Cardinal Dom Jaime Câmara School, in Moreno, has already removed the guard involved in the fight due to inappropriate conduct within the teaching unit.”

In addition to the removal of the server, after the incident, the secretariat issued a note of repudiation: “The portfolio reinforces that it repudiates any and all types of aggression, whether physical or verbal, and reiterates that it has in its political-pedagogical proposal the promotion of actions dedicated to the culture of peace. SEE continues to monitor the case and is available to the Civil Police for future investigations.”

The Secretariat of Social Defense has not yet released details about the investigation.

Source: CNN Brasil

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