Because the 90s beauty looks are always current

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The nineties are not just a question of chokers, combat boots, leather jackets and mom jeans. There is a whole world of beauty behind it, which is still very popular today. To prove it is the cast of the reboot of Gossip Girl, which on July 8 debuted on the HBO Max platform. Although all the trends spotted on the faces and hair of the “good” Manhattan boys are centered on a purely tickptian, who emulates Kaia Gerber and Hailey Bieber, there is always a focus on drawing on the past.

And specifically from the fabulous Nienties. It is not surprising, in fact, that on the moodboard of the new cast of the TV series there were, for example, the images of Destiny’s Child at the VMAs. In fact, the Natalie Imbruglia bob, the Demi Moore pixie cut, the Jennifer Aniston brick lipstick, the pearly pink nails a la Carrie Bradshaw, the smudged eyes a la Courtney Love and the hyper glossed lips a la Kate Moss are back.

The nineties come to life in our cosmetic bags, perhaps due to the desire for simplicity dictated by the pandemic, and we do not mind at all. Because, as Rose McGowan, aka Courtney in the film, put it so well in 1999 Bad friends, “The secret is in the details.” Yes, because it is precisely in the details that that unmistakable nineties style resides. It applies to a clip in the hair, a bright eyeshadow on the eyes or a transparent and vinyl lacquer on the lips. After all, even the Serena van der Woodsen interpretata da Blake Lively and absolute myth of the Millennials, he argued that “lipstick is long lasting but gloss is more fun”.

In the gallery we have collected the icons to be emulated even today, making everything more contemporary and inclusive by carefully observing how the Zs manage to mix the past with the present.

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