Because the “Game of Thrones” marathon is the right way to start 2021

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Not just episodes, but insights, interviews, specials of a series that made history. From 1st January to 8th of the month, Sky will inaugurate a long marathon of Game of Thrones, dedicating a pop-up channel to the saga of dragons and dynasties. At number 111 on the remote control and streaming on Now Tv, the A Song of Ice and Fire, George RR Martin’s epic will come back to life, giving viewers the opportunity to (re) see all eight seasons of the television series in one go, the seventy-three episodes who have made it a cult.

The marathon of Game of Thrones however, it is not just the opportunity to relive what has already been enjoyed, but the golden ticket to have access to a world that will soon enjoy a new golden age. Game of thrones, which aired between 2011 and 2019, may have exhausted its canonical story, but more awaits it. Because of the record series, the Targaryens and Westeros, a massive number of spin-offs have been announced.

The first, House of the Dragon, should debut in 2022, prequel to the mother story. Remember, then, all that has happened, the intertwining and the power games, is nothing but a (very profitable) way to pass the time and live, as Oscar Wilde would have, a wait that is “itself pleasure”.

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