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Before and after the pandemic: how beauty habits have changed

The pandemic, in addition to having completely upset our lives and projects, it has also revolutionized our habits. The forced stay within the walls of the house, combined with the prolonged closure of salons and beauty centers, in recent months has changed our small beauty habits and, consequently, the cosmetics market. Even if we are moving towards a gradual reopening and a return to a pseudo-normality, certain habits now belong to the period before the pandemic and new ways of taking care of oneself have appeared on the horizon, forcing us to develop previously unimagined manual skills and new needs arise.

We have all become more savvy e skillful in terms of beauty, because we had to learn to use our resources when hairdressers, beauticians, manicurists could not keep their shops open.

While in fact the impossibility for a long period to go to the salons has encouraged the do it yourselfon the other hand, the increased availability of time has encouraged one greater skin care, largely strained by stress, with a particular growing demand for hand creams.

If before, lipstick was the beauty ally par excellence, now, due to the mask, it is going through a hard period of pause waiting to return to making smiles shine. According to the latest data offered by the Italian Cosmetics Study Center, in fact, the sale of lipsticks and lip glosses would register a minus sign (-35.8%), followed closely by blush and foundation. The surge instead comes from the world of liquid soaps with + 35%, from hair dyes + 30.4% and come on hair removal products +5,3%.
In a nutshell, here’s how our beauty habits have changed.

1. Lipstick in stand-by. The mask forced us momentarily to put aside lipsticks and glosses, but it did not extinguish their seductive power. We are sure that we will be back soon to paint our lips in bright and vibrant colors.

2. Focus make-up occhi. The momentary absence of lipstick has been replaced by the more incisive presence of make-up eyes products. Mascara, eye shadows, eyeliner, pencils together with allies for the eyebrows have become the new essentials.

3. Less foundation, more creams. Despite increasingly sophisticated and no-transfer formulations, prolonged use of the mask tends to discourage the application of foundation and bronzers. Stress and the so-called “maskne”, or mask acne, instead they increased the desire to take better care of their skin with a more consistent, broader and more complete skincare routine.

4. Talk with your eyes. The look, due to the mask, has become the true protagonist of our face. Everything passes from there so much that it has become our new means of communication. This is why the eye contour is another essential beauty essential.

5. Continuous sanitation of the hands. If before it was an important gesture, now it has become vital. Frequent washing has in fact increased the sales of liquid soaps.

6. Hand creams never again without. Hand cream has become one of the must-have beauty products to soften and soothe skin stressed by continuous washing and sanitizing.

7. DIY ink. The closed salons have generated the best of “home made colorists” with a significant increase in sales of coloring products. Although many attempts have been worthwhile, many others have required a repair intervention by the hairdressers.

8. DIY hairdresser. Not just color. Many women have also tried their hand at cutting, some with too long bangs and some with husbands and companions’ hair. Who would have thought that a year and a half ago?

9. Do it yourself beautician. The closure of the beauty centers has increased sales of strips, creams, devices and all ad hoc products for hair removal. In addition to having encouraged to train a certain familiarity.

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