Belarus: Three activists at risk of execution

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Three Belarusian activists are in danger of being executed after being accused of sabotaging the railway network in Belarus to prevent the movement of Russian soldiers during the first stage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Belarusian investigators announced today.

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The men have been charged with terrorism since being arrested on March 1 for setting fire to railroad relays at night, the Belarussian Commission of Inquiry has said.

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“… Men face the possibility of being sentenced to a maximum sentence, up to the death penalty,” the statement on the commission’s website said.

The former Soviet Union is carrying out a back-to-back shooting. Relatives are not informed when the sentence is being carried out and the body is not being handed over to them.

Moscow used the territory of the close ally of the Kremlin of Belarus for its attack on Kiev.

Minsk denies any involvement in the war, but acknowledges that its territory has been used.

Dozens of sabotage operations were carried out on the railway network from February to April to delay the deployment of Russian troops and the transfer of military equipment to Ukraine, according to Belarusian authorities and the opposition.

The effects of the sabotage on the movements of Russian soldiers are not clear.

The activists were informed by an opposition organization in Belarus that the authorities in Minsk had labeled them as extremists, according to investigators.

The investigation was forwarded to the prosecutor’s office and will then be sent to court for trial, the commission said. However, it is unknown when this will happen.

Last month, Belarussian leader Alexander Lukashenko gave written approval to extend the use of the death penalty in his country for punishment and attempted terrorism.

Belarus has already carried out the death penalty for terrorist acts that cause loss of life, hate crimes and mass murder.

Source: Capital

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