Belén Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbese, chronicle of a love


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Few believed that love between the thirty-six Belen Rodriguez and the 25 years old hairdresser Antonino Spinalbese – blossomed last summer after the showgirl’s (second) breakup with Stefano De Martino – would have gone far. Instead Belén and Antonino seem to be serious. And to prove it there are not only the photos and social videos that show them more and more happy and in love.

Since last November it is said that the two live together at the home of Argentina. The news has not been made official but the clues are many: like the Instagram stories that showed them in painters version – tank top, roller, bucket and paint – while they were painting Belén’s Milan apartment.

Or the cryptic phrase always written on social media by the showgirl: “Tips for lockdown, moving into the same house».

Certainly Antonino it is already part of the Argentine family. Belén’s Instagram Stories have told, in recent days, Christmas spent in the mountains with all her affections: her boyfriend, little Santiago, parents Veronica and Gustavo, the sister Cecilia with Ignazio Moser e brother Jeremias with Deborah Togni.

The story between Belén Rodriguez and the hairstylist Antonino Spinalbese it started last August. The two met in Milan, then spent a week in Ibiza together with other friends. And that’s where the spark went off. Antonino, born in 1995, has eleven years younger than Belen, but the age difference does not seem to weigh on the couple.

Thanks to him the showgirl she found her smile again after the painful end of her marriage with Stefano De Martino, father of little Santiago. “I am very serene,” Belén said about the separation a few months ago. “I’m fine because I tried, life gives you the answers. When you try again to the last and do not get the result you wanted, you find peace. If you don’t try again, however, the doubt remains. I am a person who gives all of himself until his last breath. But if what I want does not happen, I turn my heels and change course ». And changing course he found love again.

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