Belén Rodriguez, dedicates it to Santiago: “Forever my prince”

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A photo with Santiago, then twenty-four hours of silence. Belén Rodriguez, which on Instagram showed the first things of Luna Marì, he wanted to dedicate a thought to his eldest son, before saying goodbye to social media and – fans think – going to the hospital for the birth of his second child. “You will always be my prince,” he wrote online, dedicating a rare mother and son photo to little Santiago.

In the picture, the child has his eyes fixed on his mother’s face. He smiles as he strokes her belly with his hand.

Belén Rodriguez, in a black dress, has her hands on her son’s face, who is said to be thrilled with his little sister’s imminent arrival. Santiago, born in 2013 from love with Stefano De Martino, would not wait to perform in the role of older brother. Excitement and happiness would be in the air, and the showgirl’s entire family would be ready to welcome the little one.

Luna Marì, first daughter of Belén Rodriguez e Antonino Spinalbese, has been sought and desired. The baby was conceived a few months after the start of the relationship between the showgirl and the hairdresser, who gossip wants to be ready to participate in Beijing Express together with the father-in-law.

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