“Belén Rodriguez is pregnant”

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«Belen Rodriguez is pregnant”. The gossip is circulating for days and – for now – there are no denials from directly concerned. Not even confirmations, it is true, but some social clues – added to the confessions of some friends – they seem to lead towards the pregnancy hypothesis: for the Argentine showgirl, tied to the hairdresser since last summer Antonino Spinalbese, would be the second child after Santiago, had in 2013 together with Stefano De Martino.

“IS very happy, he wanted nothing else », are the words of some sources close to Rodriguez house. “He would stop time because now it has all that always wanted“. The reporter’s confirmation came shortly Santo Pirrotta, which during transmission Every morning he even spoiled the color of the bow: «They are waiting for one child and will be called Tabitha», A name that Belén had already indicated among his favorites.

It is not known when it is expected childbirth (we talk about “fourth month of pregnancy “) and not even how she took it the ex-husband (someone, interpreting social media in his own way, says “not well»). The only certainties are the clues that Belén has sown on Instagram: first of all an anti-nausea bracelet in plain sight, then the soft dungarees which seems to cover suspicious forms, finally a singular video in which he shows the profile at the mirror.

That three clues give it a try? Likely, also because the love between the 36enne from Buenos Aires and the hairstylist from Campania, ten years younger, seems to be going great. «You deserve someone who you hug you tightly and hold your hand tight, ”she wrote on the occasion of the birthday of the boyfriend. «I hope to give you all this. You are the most beautiful soul I’ve ever met, I thank God that he did cross our streets “.

In short, the fans are just waiting the official announcement.

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