Belén Rodriguez pregnant, the new photos (social) with the tummy

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Belén Rodriguez, expecting a baby from the new partner Antonino Spinalbese, had posted the first pictures with the tummy last February. And now she has returned to show her sweet expectation on Instagram with one with a series of shots that have been full of likes. A few weeks ago, in the living room of Very true, Argentina also revealed the sex of the baby on the way: «I dreamed it was one Sissy. Her name will be Luna Marie and she will be born in the summer. I hope you look like me, I can’t wait to make her many braids ».

Few believed that love between the thirty-six Belén Rodriguez and the twenty five years old hairdresser Antonino Spinalbese – blossomed last summer after Argentina’s (second) breakup with Stefano De Martino, father of the firstborn Santiago – would have gone far.

Instead Belén and Antonino are serious. This is shown (also) by the girl on the way, strongly desired after a abortion: «I got pregnant by mistake, when Antonino and I found out we were thrilled that it had happened. We didn’t expect it, also because it was really too early, but then we realized it wasn’t that bad because we were madly in love“. A joy that did not last long: «Unfortunately after four days I lost the baby. We were terrible. This made us understand, however, that we very much wanted a child. Fortunately, the following month arrived “.

And now Belén is experiencing the second pregnancy «with more awareness than the first»: «When you are younger you don’t know what you are going to face and everything that comes is new, now I know well what is about to happen. Apart from nausea, I’m not one of those mothers who “sees the light”: for me pregnancy is tiring, physical change is not a simple thing, I can’t wait to give birth », she confessed a few months ago. There are a few months left to the birth of her baby girl. And who knows if it will be that “Little Belén” that the showgirl, three years ago, had revealed she wanted so much.

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