Belgium: Six months in prison for a 32-year-old man who racistly insulted a black presenter


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The conviction of a 32-year-old man to a suspended sentence of six months, of which 15 days in prison, ruled on Tuesday (13/04) his court Belgium. The decision was made as he insulted and threatened on the internet, due to the color of her skin, a TV presenter from Congo.

During the trial, on March 9, before the Brussels Criminal Court, the Prosecutor’s Office had requested the imposition of 6 months in prison to the detriment of the accused, who had already been convicted, with suspension, because he had insulted police officers.

Absent from the reading of the verdict, this Belgian, who lives in Mont, was found guilty of inciting violence and racial hatred.

“There is no doubt that the accused is responsible for inciting violence against (presenter) Cecil Dzunga” and this “incitement is clearly related to the meaning of the so-called race”, is underlined in the decision, which was read publicly and conveyed by the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency.

In 2018, in a video that soon went viral, Cecil Dzunga, who was presenting the weather report on the French television network RTBF at the time, denounced, with tears in her eyes, racism against her by social media users.

“Receiving messages like ‘come back to your country’ is not funny, (…) I’m bored,” the woman confessed in this video entitled “Coup de gueule”.

She decided to go to court, “as an example”, with the support of her employer, the RTBF network. Researchers soon identified a 30-year-old (then) who was active on social media under his real name.

In these messages, which were posted mainly on the victim’s Facebook page, the accused insulted the black presenter, expressing her wish to be attacked. He even confirmed that he would “applaud” a deadly attack.

With the announcement of the court decision, Dzunga burst into tears.

The court decided to suspend almost all of the 6-month prison sentence, except for 15 days, and imposed a fine of 1,600 euros on the convict.

“This kind of behavior on social media, at school, on the street, in a football match must stop,” the 32-year-old presenter told AFP after the trial.

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