Bella Hadid brings back the «chunky highlights», those of the Spice Girls

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It seems just that Bella Hadid has “checked” her first resolution of the year, that is to say goodbye to her classic brunette hair. The supermodel warms up the new year – and Instagram – with a two tones hair look, officially bringing back in vogue in 2021 the streaks of the 90s, made iconic before by Cindy Crawford and then from Geri Halliwell, oggero Ginger Spice, at the time of the phenomenon Spice Girls.

«I chunks in front are the evolution of chunky highlights which, in turn, are a kind of scanning but much more pronounced. This technique allows you to illuminate the face, framing it with only two strands. The beauty of chunks is the creation of freehand “brushing”, because they allow to obtain a uniqueness of tone and style – he explains Giampaolo Gori, hair stylist and co-founder of Roots Milano – These bandeau, to be made very high, from the hairline, are obtained with a complete bleaching, maintaining a certain coherence with the base and isolating them from the rest of the hair. Those who have a naturally ash-colored blond can opt for platinum, with brown the copper and pink are well suited, the reds will be emphasized by a touch of butter blond ».

For those who want a color with a rock allure, they can choose a sunset orange that turns towards the fiery red like that of Bella, mixed for her by the hair guru Evanie Frausto. Who will opt for this change of look, not so radical, must have a specific hair styling. “The cut must not be excessively scaled, especially in front – Gori suggests – Even those who have fringe can dare to look, to differentiate it ».

But beware, no grunge effect: maintenance must be done. “Every month you need to get the color back and the ideal would be to bleach the centimeter of regrowth – Gori recalls – Even at home you can indulge yourself, obviously without bleaching yourself, with colored masks, or anti-yellow products in the case of platinum blonde, which allow you to have locks with different crazy colors every 2/3 washes, passing from pastel blue to a orange susnet style Bella Hadid ».

In the gallery the coolest ideas: exuberant – and very Ginger Spice – to Dua Lipa or more sophisticated, to Cindy Crawford and Beyoncé.

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