Bella Hadid, smile found: relaxation by the sea after social tears

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From the eyes swollen and shiny, with his face streaked by tears, to the amused look under the Sun glasses, between a dip in the sea and a drink on the sunbed. Judging by the latest photos, Bella Hadid she found her smile after the recent social outburst in which he revealed he suffered from depression and anxiety attacks. The supermodel, in fact, was paparazzi on a beach in Miami during an afternoon in the company of some friends.

Red cowboy hat e stunning bikini, Bella immediately attracted the attention of those present. Protected from bodyguards, she took a walk along the foreshore chatting, then at a certain time he wore it again the light-colored miniskirt, grabbed the sneakers and it is back to the car: good news for his fans, who a few days ago they were worry for his mental health.

“People sometimes forget that everyone basically feels the same way: lost, confused, not quite sure why we’re here. That anxiety that everyone tries to cover in some way», Wrote the 25-year-old, publishing some shots in which she was in pieces. “This is me. Every day, every night, for a few years now. Sometimes all you need to feel is that you are not alone. So, from me to you, I see you and I listen to you».

“There is always light at the end of the tunnel e roller coaster at a certain point they stop », continued Bella, inviting her followers to questioning and make reflections. “If you work hard enough on yourself, spending time alone to analyze your traumas, the triggers, joys and routines, you will always be able to understand or learn more about your pain and how to manage it. Which is all you can ask yourself».

The way to find your smile again.


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