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Benjamin Netanyahu: We are waiting for Meloni in Israel and then the heads of Italian businesses

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahuis making an official visit to Rome and this afternoon had a meeting with his Italian counterpart, Giorgia Meloni.

“The first thing I want to say is that we are waiting for Georgia Meloni in Israel, and then the heads of the fifty or a hundred largest companies in the country. Italy is a blessed country for design and entrepreneurship and we want to share our technological progress with you,” Netanyahu said immediately after the meeting.

At the same time, the Israeli Prime Minister underlined that “his country would like to accelerate natural gas exports to Italy and the whole of Europe» but also to help Italy solve the problem of water scarcity.

The Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni, for her part, emphasized that her country wants to do everything possible to contribute to the reduction of tension and violence in the Middle East and called Israel “a partner of key importance in the Middle East, but also at the international level” . “We have known each other for a long time and there is a relationship of mutual respect“, he added.

I have to tell you that I have been impressed with Meloni’s leadership and the way she works” the Israeli Prime Minister finally stated.

Source: News Beast

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