Berlusconi and Marta Fascina, the “non-marriage” has served

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Complete with blue Armani with a thrush in the buttonhole for him, White dress in French lace, with a bodice, half collar and chaste V neckline, with a wide white train created by the designer Antonio Riva and a bouquet of lily of the valley. Silvio Berlusconi And Marta Fascina they married? Not really: as it had been specified in recent days, the marriage between the Cavaliere, 85, the blue parliamentarian, 32, linked for three years, will not have legal value, but only symbolic. The place of the ceremony was the small chapel of Villa Gernetto to Lesmoin the Brianza so dear to Berlusconi.

Introduce the brother Paul and the sons of the Knight Marina, Barbara, Eleonora And Luigi with the grandchildren, while the second son is absent Pier Silvio. Disagreement with the father? It seems that he prefers to keep away from events that are too crowded for fear of contagion from Covid. Even if in reality all the guests were subjected to a yesterday morning molecular buffer as a precaution.

Among the guests, all the relatives of Marta Fascina and then Berlusconi’s friends and historical allies: Matteo Salvini, Gianni Letta with lady, Marcello Dell’Utri with his wife, Fedele Confalonieri, Adriano Galliani with his partner, Niccolò Ghedini with his wife and son, the Cavaliere’s personal physician Alberto Zangrillo, Renato Della Vallein addition to parliamentarians Licia Ronzulli, Anna Maria Bernini, Antonio Tajani, Valentino Valentini, Vittorio Sgarbi, the managing director of Fininvest, Danilo Pellegrino with his partner, the CEO of Publitalia, Stefano Sala, and the president of the Rai Supervisory Commission, Alberto Barachini. The group leader in the Forza Italia Chamber, Paolo Barelli, was absent because he tested positive at Covid.

At the end of the ceremony, the guests moved inside Villa Gernetto for an aperitif and lunch, accompanied by a viola ensemble and three violins.

For lunch a refined menuprepared from Da Vittorio restaurant, a well-known starred place in the Bergamo area: veal mondeghili with lemon served as an appetizer, first of all ricotta gnocchi and potatoes with saffron and paccheri “alla Vittorio”, beef steak in red wine with dark potato and cinnamon-flavored carrot cream as a second flow and finally a triumph of sweets. All accompanied by a selection of Aneri wines: Pinot bianco of 2020, Pinot nero of 2018. And again: Moscato passito Faber and Cantalupa Monzio Compagnoni. Greetings to the newlyweds.

Source: Vanity Fair

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