Best wishes from Michelle Hunziker to her daughter Cece, “my rugby player”

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Very blond and smiling like her mother, the little one Celeste Trussardisaid Chickpea in the family, today she turns 7 and a mother Michelle Hunziker dedicates a greeting post to her on Instagram with which he declares them all his love.

«Our latest masterpiece grows inexorably “, he writes in the caption of the post in which the baby’s father is also tagged, Tomaso Trussardi. «Heavenly mine “rugby” player as I call it it is a force of nature! She holds the bar of her expectations towards everything in life very high … she expresses every thought in a genuine and blatant way and this thing makes her of a unique sympathy !!! Best wishes my incredible love for your 7 years! I love you”

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Below, inevitable, wishes from dadboth to the younger daughter for the birthday, and to Suntheir first child, both to mom Michelle, for the women’s day: «Congratulations Cece! Greetings Sun! Greetings Mich! ».

As promised, the showgirl and the entrepreneur continue to be parents present and close to their daughters, who try to make the end of the marriage weigh as little as possible “We have decided to change our life project. We are committed to continue with love and friendship the growth path of ours wonderful little girls “they had written in the joint communiqué with which they formalized their separation.

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And indeed, even if the marriage, which sources close to the couple for some time now they have been talking about as a “quarrel”, he cannot go on because “he has turned into something else”, the friendship between Tomaso and Michelle continues, at least as far as possible. In January, the entrepreneur had written her a beautiful message on her Instagram profile for her birthday, for the girls they continue to maintain extremely cordial relations, and now these social greetings. “I love Tomaso so much and I will always love him “Michelle a very true. But that there are still toads to digest on both sides (some say that the largest is from Tomaso and his name is Eros Ramazzotti) is undeniable.

So Michelle, after the media turmoil caused by the announcement of the separation, the effort and commitment to prepare the variety Michelle Impossiblewhich aired successfully on Canale 5 in two episodes, was given as a gift a few days of relaxation in the Maldives with two of her best friends and her youngest girls. Now she is back, more serene and rested, ready to face the coming spring. And its new beginning.

Source: Vanity Fair

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