BET proposes a national business cooperation platform for SMEs

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The creation of a national platform for business cooperation of small and medium enterprises is proposed by the Thessaloniki Chamber of Crafts in a letter to the Ministers of Finance, Christos Staikouras, Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis and Digital Government, Kyriakos Pierrakakis.

Through the proposed platform, as BETH points out, companies that wish to do so will be able to publicize their interest in collaborations. By registering on this platform, the interested companies will have the opportunity to provide information about their activities, to look for similar or similar companies that could cooperate and even at national level as well as to search for information, which is important for evaluating and planning possible synergies with other companies.

According to BETH, such a digital ecosystem can be the implementation lever for strategic collaborations or mergers between small and medium enterprises.

What the letter says

“In recent years, our country has been facing a number of challenges, mainly in the field of economy. This development has forced many of them to cut additional staff, research, etc. costs, reducing their balance sheets in terms of income and thus moving further away from bank lending and European programs, which usually also provide banking support for the respective investment.

The state, having shown the appropriate reflexes in this development, suggested and received approval from the European Union to proceed with the allocation of funds for the creation of schemes that will result from mergers of small enterprises with the ultimate goal of creating larger enterprises. Businesses that are competitive will have access to bank lending, will provide employment to more people, and will be more law-abiding.

On the other hand, the small businesses in Greece that are the lion’s share, after many years of financial hardship, created a mentality, which emerged from the efforts of each entrepreneur, who was called almost helpless to deal with everything, resulting in a introverted management behavior.

Today we call on these companies to show extroversion and to trust the cooperation with other companies for which they do not have much information. The question here is how to help entrepreneurs who are interested in collaborations in order to take advantage of the opportunities, look for partners and enter into discussions with them. This information, especially for small businesses whose legal form does not require the publication of financial data, is from very difficult to impossible.

In order to create the conditions for the best possible implementation of the process of strategic partnerships and mergers between small and medium-sized enterprises, it is proposed to create a national information platform for small and medium-sized enterprises ability to provide information about their activities, to look for similar or similar companies that could cooperate at national level as well as to seek information that is important for the evaluation and planning of possible synergies with other companies.

This “business intelligence” ecosystem that we propose to create could also include many services such as information on funding opportunities from European Union programs as well as the banking sector where, based on specific criteria, it would be willing to support merger investment projects.

Through the proposed business cooperation platform, the services offered will facilitate, but mainly will accelerate the whole process with the main purpose of not wasting time and the Greek economy, the labor market and the companies themselves to benefit the most from this strategy.

The Chamber of Crafts of Thessaloniki, in its effort to support the companies it represents but also to contribute to the general effort of developing collaborations of Greek small and medium enterprises, remains at your disposal for any clarification regarding the aforementioned proposal and intends to further contribute in any way to the implementation of “.


Source From: Capital

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