Better than Steam Deck: Razer portable console comes with fan and vapor chamber

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Although many users perceive Razer as a manufacturer of computer peripherals and various devices for streamers, in fact, the manufacturer’s arsenal is much wider – some time ago the company produced gaming smartphones, and now it’s time to launch its own portable Android console called Edge . The device itself differs quite slightly from a smartphone – if you remove the hardware controllers, the gadget resembles a smartphone without a camera system, but with a larger diagonal than users are used to. True, it turned out that inside the gadget is fundamentally different from modern smartphones and looks more like a Steam Deck.

The fact is that the author of the PBKreviews YouTube channel managed to get this Android game console and disassembled it, having studied the “contents” of the new device. Inside, the specialist found a very standard motherboard, various wireless modules, a front camera module, and much more. But of greatest interest is the device’s cooling system – inside the Razer Edge there is an active cooler based on a small fan, a radiator, special air ducts, and even a vapor chamber. This is one of the most advanced cooling solutions for mobile devices on the market – only a few flagship smartphones can boast something similar.

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With a vapor chamber, a graphite panel on the back of the device, active cooling by a fan, and special openings for air intake and exhaust from the case, the handheld console can use the full performance of the Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 system-on-chip without overheating and throttling processor). Moreover, the specialist noted that the manufacturer uses large thermal panels, thermal paste and a layer of copper tape to improve the cooling system, and the evaporation chamber gives off its heat literally through the display of the device.

And although the author of the PBKreviews channel stated that disassembling and assembling a portable console is quite simple, he gave the gadget only 6.5 points out of 10 possible for maintainability. Points were reduced due to the fact that it is almost impossible to find replacement parts for repairs.

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