Beyoncé, 40 years of beauty, sex appeal, determination and women power

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Icon of style, example of female empowerment, talent, resourcefulness, humanity, charm, charisma, willpower, Beyoncé celebrates her first 40 years on September 4th. Born under the sign of Virgo, the one who most of all aspires to perfection, Queen B recently told the US magazine “Harper’s Bazaar” that she was tired of always chasing after the image of herself impeccable and of aver decided to say enough to the anxiety of diet and thinness. What then, in hindsight, Beyoncé is beautiful also and above all because her body is that of an African American woman naturally muscular and curvy, that of a three times mother, of a tireless professional who trains relentlessly.

Beyoncé grew up in the spotlight, having started her career at a very young age, first with the girl band Destiny’s Child, and then continue as a soloist. And so we can say for sure: Queen B has always been a blast. One meter and 70 high, rapper Jay-Z’s wife is a powerhouse of sex appeal, with her meaty mouth, the face with perfect features, the sweet and deep eyes, hot curves and snappy muscles. And we want to talk about his maxi afro hair? In the early days, like many African American artists, she wanted to appear with straight hair, subjecting it to stirature continue (Her mom, Tina Knowles, is a hair stylist and often takes care of B’s ​​hair). Slowly, gaining fame, recognition and self-confidence, Beyoncé has begun to free herself from the slavery of sleek hair, increasingly marrying 100% afro hairstyles, from the cascade of long and narrow braids to eighties voluminous maxi curls. It has also been for many years true to blond color, in shades of honey-caramel, perfect for her complexion. But what makes Beyoncé definitively fascinating, capable of touching the hearts of millions of people (women and not), is her humanity and his ability to talk about body positivity for years, reminding his fans to believe in themselves and to fight for their uniqueness, physical and intellectual. As he summed up perfectly: “What you are worth determines by itself, you don’t need others to define your value.”

A gallery dedicated to wonderful beauty looks of Queen Beyoncé, forty who always knows how to inspire us.

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