Bianca Atzei and the pain for her lost son: “I already felt like a mother”

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It hasn’t even been two weeks since Bianca Atzei told his followers about the greatest pain, the loss of a long-desired child, who would be the first with the partner Stefano Corti. The singer returned to talk about it to the microphones of Very true, aware of not being alone in a similar agony and strong of the support of so many fans.

“It was the last ultrasound to get out of the months of risk, we were ready to give this wonderful news which then turned into a tragedy”, Atzei revealed to Silvia Toffanin, focusing on the desire to become a mother.

“I’ve always wanted to have a family. After a few months of living together we immediately tried to have a child, but since after a year he did not arrive we resorted to assisted fertilization. It was an intense procedure, but it immediately went well: seeing the positive test was an immense joy. I thought I was invincible and I already felt like a mother. I didn’t think anything bad could happen because I was so happy, ”he added. Then, along with the pain, came the sense of guilt: “It’s hard to understand what happened”, has continued.

To support her right now, many fans who have lived the same experience. “I told it publicly because I needed to vent to overcome this pain and this anger. I realized that not only alone. There are so many women who live this suffering and feel guilty as I did and I would like to give them courage. Hope and desire are much stronger than the sadness and fear that one experiences ». And then there is the partner, always by his side, as the last selfie of the couple shared also tells.

«It gave me so much strength and courage. He keeps everything inside and has a hard time expressing his feelings, but now that I’m lucid, I respect him very much and I’m happy with how he made me feel: loved and protected. This thing has united us more, we want to try again and become parents ».


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