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Bianca Atzei has become a mother: her son Noa Alexander was born

Bianca Atzei became a mother: the January 18th has arrived Noah Alexanderthe first child of the singer and her partner Stephen Courts (he is also the father of Gabriele, 14 years old, born from a previous union, ed). The parents themselves gave the news via social media, publishing the first photo in three: “Finally”, Atzei wrote, over the moon.

It was already known that the birth of the child was just a few days away, and in the last few hours the singer had not hidden her emotion: «Noa Alexander you are my purest and greatest desire. You can’t imagine how long I’m waiting for you”his words in one History published on Instagram a few hours before the birth, which took place at the Mangiagalli Clinic in Milan.

«Noah Alexander: in eight months you changed our lives. You shaped our dreams. You gave tears and smiles. Since you’ve been there and you make yourself heard, it already seems to have you here. You don’t let us sleep anymore at night. We spend the time making you listen to music, pampering you. Who knows what your little hands and feet will be like. I wonder if you’ll have dad’s eyes or a nose up. Who knows… who knows», he dedicates it, very sweet, to his son, last month, again via social media.

That it would be a boy, Atzei had revealed it to very truelast October. With Stefano Corti the desire to expand the family arrived early. «We started trying after a couple of months of living together”, Atzei said on that same occasion, when she also spoke of the toughest test, a miscarriage. “Many women have faced and are facing this pain. Now I know what it feels like and I am close to all those who have been through a situation like ours. I am sorry that for many women it is so complicated to have a child, or even impossible. Then the news she was waiting for the most, a new expectation: «We wanted you more than anything in the world.”

Today that wish has come true and all fears are behind us. It’s time for a new beginning, in three.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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